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Cherokee people have a rich history, beautiful lands, fun outdoor adventures, amazing art and incredible stories to share with you. Get the latest on Cherokee events, activities, and attractions to help you plan a stay with us, whether you are coming for a simple overnight getaway or a long vacation. Make sure you don’t miss the most unforgettable attractions in Cherokee.          

The Best Source for Information on Cherokee Arts and Crafts

Qualla Arts and Crafts, Inc. is the nation’s oldest Native American cooperative of artists and craftspeople. They can give you the best information on amazing local art and artists. Started in the 1940’s after the opening of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual has stayed true to its mission to preserve and promote the native tradition of Cherokee arts and crafts, as well as tribal values and livelihoods. Aside from being the best source for information on native arts and crafts, the Qualla Arts and Crafts gallery store includes everything from basketry and weaving, to pottery and sculpture, to carving and painting. When visiting Cherokee take home more than photos and great memories, leave with a one of a kind gift and the knowledge that you are helping to preserve an American treasure.

Cherokee History on Stage at “Unto These Hills”

One of the most moving ways to get historical Cherokee information is to attend “Unto These Hills”. This famed outdoor drama is presented between June and August every year. Written with historical accuracy and native traditions in mind, this beautiful play starts thousands of years ago and follows the Cherokee people from their ancient roots, to their zenith of power, to the Trail of Tears and finally to present day Cherokee. Watch the show while you enjoy the gorgeous mountain weather under a canopy of stars and trees. “Unto These Hills” is an invaluable source of Cherokee information. The show is one of the longest running outdoor dramas in the country and a must see for any summer visitors.

The Oconaluftee Indian Village

The Oconaluftee Indian Village is more than just a source for accurate information about the Cherokee native culture. It is a place to engage, learn, ask questions, and immerse yourself in a recreated 18th century Cherokee village. Explore Oconaluftee Village at your own pace or enjoy tour, lead by a native guide who can elaborate on 18th century tribal culture, clothing, arts and crafts, and daily life.

Interactive Cherokee Information at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Kevin Gover, Director of the National Museum of the American Indian, calls the Museum of the Cherokee Indian “One of the top ten native sites east of the Mississippi.” Offering a wealth of Cherokee information dating back 11,000 years, the museum features: ancient artifacts, computer generated imagery, artwork, dioramas, stories, and more. The Museum of the Cherokee Indian is open year round except on holidays and offers special rates and events for groups such as Cherokee language classes and teacher workshops.

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