Motorcycling | Cherokee, NC

How will Cherokee affect you?

Motorcycling in Cherokee. Whether you’re cranked back on your throttle, or cruising, options abound.

One thing we understand about motorcyclists is that they’re passionate about their routes. If you’re looking for a spectacular web of scenic motorcycle routes, look no further than the Cherokee area for some of the best rides in the country. So rev that engine, throttle up, and in no time you’ll be speeding through the lush hills and valleys of Cherokee. From the broad panoramas of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the “Cherokee Run,” beginning just south of Lake Junaluska, you’ll encounter gorgeous scenery and fine road quality to make for a stellar motorcycle ride. After a ride like that, settle into a seat at the Mountainside Theatre to watch the outdoor drama “Unto These Hills,” or try your hand at blackjack at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. A serious motorcyclist needs a comfortable place to refuel, so settle into a nice hotel or campground in Cherokee for the night and ride like wildfire into the Cherokee sunrise in the morning.


Blue Ridge Parkway

Take a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a definite highlight of any trip to Cherokee and Western North Carolina. This extensive, winding roadway takes you through some of the most breathtaking mountain views in the country. No trip is complete without a family drive, bike ride, or a motorcycle tour on the Parkway.

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