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Respect the Stick: The Thompson Brothers Connect with Cherokee Youth Over Lacrosse

For native lacrosse players Jerome and Miles Thompson, who are some of the biggest stars in the sport today, their mission is to help grow the game on Native American reservations. Earlier this month, the brothers held a free lacrosse camp for nearly 50 boys and girls in Cherokee, NC, along with Thompson Brothers Lacrosse co-founder Bill O’Brien. The camp was the second annual convening in Cherokee, and included children who had traveled from as far away as Oklahoma to attend.  

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Stickball: How the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Play the Game Known as The Little Brother of War

Though the sport of Lacrosse came from stickball, there many big differences between the two games. For one, Cherokee stickball players do not wear any sort of padding or protective equipment. They don’t even wear shirts. Stickball is not a game for the faint of heart. Learn all about how the game is played by members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians today in North Carolina.

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