2020 Kananesgi Virtual Art Market | Cherokee, NC

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2020 Kananesgi Virtual Art Market

Join over 20 Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians artists December 4-6, 2020 for the Kananesgi Virtual Art Market. Kananesgi is the Cherokee word for spider. The spider represents creativity in our culture. In 2020, Kananesgi Art Market organizers had to match the event namesake and the artists’ creativity because of Covid-19. Instead of having an in-person art market they erred on the side of caution and planned the first ever Kananesgi Virtual Art Market. The art market can be viewed at www.kananesgi.com from 12pm Friday December 4-6pm Sunday December 6, 2020.

The Virtual Art Market is free to view and features pottery, baskets, carvings (wood, shell, and stone), fashion accessories, beadwork, photography, textiles, jewelry, copperwork, silverwork, handmade dolls, and more. All artwork in the show is available for purchase on the website www.kananesgi.com and will be shipped directly to you the following week. This makes for a safe way to shop for authentic Cherokee artwork.

Viewing the art market will allow a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the artists as they share their inspiration, process, vision, and connection to their pieces in short video clips. This is perhaps the best and most exciting part of the show.

There will also be Kananesgi bags, stickers, aprons, and more for sale on the website to help support future art shows.

The full list of artists include: Marvel Welch, Nancy Pheasant, Dylan Morgan, Jarrett Wildcatt, Waylon Long, Letitia George, Andy Grant, Angela Wolfe Grant, Luther ‘Butch’ Goings, Louise Goings, George ‘Ed’ Goings, Lauren Goings, Judith Smith, Tara McCoy, Charlie Jumper, Mary Thompson, Betty Maney, Sharon McCoy, Lori Reed, Gabe Crow, and Bear Allison.

An additional part of the virtual art market includes short commercials for local small businesses that sell, make, or do Cherokee artwork. Be sure to check out their storefront or website for more opportunities to purchase authentic Cherokee art.

“Being able to provide an opportunity for artists to sell their work safely this year was well-worth the time and effort put into the virtual art market. It was a joy to get to work with the artists and our partners at Ray Kinsland Leadership Institute, Raven’s Eye Media, EBCI Communications, Qualla Arts & Crafts, Sew Tsalagi, Authentically Cherokee, Bearmeat’s Indian Den, Indigenous Boutique & Spa, and Traditional Hands – Native American Jewelry & Art,” said Tara McCoy, a featured artist and event co-organizer.

The Kananesgi Virtual Art Market is sponsored by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation, the North Carolina Arts Council, Jackson County Arts Council, and the Sequoyah Fund.

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