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Uncovering Cherokee Roots with Robin Swayney, Genealogist at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian

In her role as Genealogist and Archivist at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Robin Swayney gets to help others who want to better understand their family histories. She uses different Cherokee Indian historic rolls (1817 to the present) to help people determine if their ancestors were documented as Cherokee Indian. For $20, those curious about their Cherokee lineage can fill out their family names on a lineage chart and make an appointment with Robin to purchase roll searches of those family names.

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Meet the Makers at the Kananesgi Pottery Festival

The Kananesgi Pottery Festival is set for Saturday, April 28, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Cherokee Fair Grounds. Attendees can look forward to storytelling, vendors selling pottery, and presentations on Cherokee Pottery. The Pottery Festival’s purpose is to be an educational resource for people interested in Cherokee pottery, a sales opportunity for the potters (and a chance for buyers to meet the potters behind the work), and a chance for potters to talk to each other.

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